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Music Teacher Magazine, 1st January 2023

For learners looking for more comprehensive content, My Music Theory offers a range of courses tailored to ABRSM, Trinity, GCSE and A Level and AP courses. In addition to multimedia and interactive content via both web page and app, My Music Theory has also produced a range of physical books designed at supporting a range of learners on a highly personalised journey.

The brainchild of clarinettist and pianist Victoria Williams, the site has grown from a resource for passing Grade 5 theory into a web of interconnected and dynamic journeys.

The content is much more clearly and thoroughly explained and contextualised than equivalent material at this level, particularly in the later stages. Williams not only explains the structure of, for example, a diminished seventh chord, but the function and context, with detailed examples of the use of the function. In particular, there are precious few resources to support learning at A Level and post Grade 5, and this portfolio is a most welcome addition to the marketplace.


Your Feedback

I get a lot of lovely emails from visitors to – it’s always great to hear that the site has been useful in preparation for your music theory exam, or to hear about your fantastic results! If you’d like to send me some feedback, email me at [email protected]

Here are some of the wonderful comments I’ve received:

I am very pleased with the course. It is comprehensive and very thoroughly laid out and I find it easy to navigate and to understand the contents. Dag, August 2023

I have found your Grade 6 online course easy to access, very organised, practical, and easy to understand. It is very helpful for me in my preparations for the exam. Katherine, July 2023

The grade 2 music theory course has been really helpful, I found the examples in the workbook very useful. Micah, May 2023

I think your course is really good. I found it very clear and straightforward, and you make complex concepts easy to understand. Patrick, March 2023

Grade 7: 90% 🥳🥳🥳Bring on G8! Thanks for your help. Andrew, December 2021

A huge thank you for your PDF and video courses which I bought (the ABRSM grade 1 to 5 package) a few years ago. I’m delighted to say they enabled both my son and daughter to study independently at home and my sone achieved Grade 5 with distinction aged 14 and my daughter passed her grade 5 aged 11 last term. They have beavered away using them exclusively for several years, which is amazing considering I can’t play a single note and am rather illiterate (although I am tempted to sit the exams myself now having spent so many hours with them!) My son also won a music scholarship to his senior school too in part thanks to his music theory knowledge. Your courses really were superb – honestly – so thank you very much indeed; I cannot recommend them highly enough! Stuart, August 2021

Used your on line classes big time to help me pass Grade 5 ABRSM Theory with a 92% and distinction. I must have done your grade 5 tests ten times beforehand! I sincerely appreciate all you do for aspiring music students. See you for Grade 6 and beyond!!!! Ray, July 2021

I took music theory 8 in June and passed with Distinction! I would like to just say thank you a lot because I wouldn’t have passed with such good marks if I don’t have your great books. In addition, I am also a piano teacher and your music theory resources are always helpful for my students. Erina, July 2021

😁😁😁 I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for marking all my papers and answering all my annoying or weird questions. Especially on composition and the dreaded question 2. I have my results. And I managed to pass the exam with 80/100. So just scraped a merit. I cannot believe it. I went in thinking oh I’ll just give it a go but didn’t shelve any of my books thinking I’d be resitting the exam come November. It feels very very weird to have passed grade 8. I never thought that was possible for someone like me to get this far. I bust into tears when I found out. It’s taken a while and you have a patience of a saint I don’t know how you do it. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll have to keep ordering the previous year paper to keep it all fresh! Dawn, July 2021

Thank you for all the help you gave me over the last year. Initially when I used your online tutorials in lockdown I had no intention of taking the exam, I just wanted to improve my knowledge and understanding of what I play. Your explanations were really helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed working through the examples and receiving your feedback. I’ve just logged into the ABRSM website to see my exam results. Due to your patience and thorough feedback I have passed with 80%. Beverley, July 2021

Just to let you know I received a Distinction in my Grade 5 Theory Exam. I got it in a record time since I have been playing the piano for a bit over two years. Your course was perfect and it allowed me to learn the topics very quickly. Thank you again. Your course was fantastic! Alberto, June 2021

Just received my results and I’m thrilled. It’s all due to you! You are a FANTASTIC TEACHER and I so appreciate all the emails of help you sent me. Definitely writing to Boris! Veronica, April 2021

This may be premature as I take my Grade V Theory in a week’s time. However I have found your Music Theory for Grade V absolutely excellent, as are the practice exam tests that I have recently bought and worked through. Your book explains things just so well – and the exercises are so useful to do,  and then mark. I am full of confidence and and would like to thank you very much for providing this help to a very late starter violinist. (I am about to be eighty-one years of age) Tim, March 2021

I just received Grade 6 music theory book in the mail. This is a quality publication with great explanations, illustrations, and exercises. Thank you for writing it. Bob, January 2021

I’m a music theory student from Sri Lanka and I must say, your books have been more than useful for me in my grade 6 and 7 Music Theory Examinations. They were great as they provided easy to understand step by step instructions on each and every question… 🙂 Thanks to your website, i managed to get 90/100 for my ABRSM Grade 6 theory paper, and i received the all-Sri Lanka prize for grade 6 Music Theory in 2018 too 🙂 I sat the Grade 7 Theory Exam in March, 2020 and used your book for my exam prep, and (surprise, surprise) I got 92/100!!! 🙂 Again, I’m really grateful for this immense support you provided, and for the time you spent to create these invaluable resources for music students worldwide. I wish you heaps of success in the years to come, and hope you are safe (and will stay so in future) amidst all this Covid 19 chaos. Pahanma, January 2021

I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and to say thank you so much for your help with my Grade 8 Theory. My dad contacted you for help in the run up to the exam (at a time when we knew that you would already be very busy, but you very kindly gave your time up to help me – and it really was a help, thank you. I now have my result and I scored 84% (Merit) which is enough to satisfy all of my university options). Olivia, December 2020

After what has been a challenging year for us all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your website, for all your resources and books, and for allowing teachers to use purchased materials in lessons. I have bought a few of your books this year – both printed and downloads – and they have helped massively with the transition from face-to-face to online-only teaching.  Being able to share them one topic at a time with my students at all levels has been instrumental in that transition and is just not possible with other authors and publishers. I fully intend to continue using them and to expand my library of your publications throughout 2021. Students love them too, your clear and concise explanations are a breath of fresh air after years of using the stock materials provided by certain examining bodies!  Thank you again, and please keep up the good work – it is much appreciated. Ian, December 2020 

Just to let you know that my daughter received her theory results today, and she achieved a distinction with 73 out of 75. A big thank you for your amazing practise papers that no doubt played a very big role towards her result. Bassam, December 2020

I just thought I’d let you know that I got the results of the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam I took on 10th November tonight & I managed to achieve full marks, 75/75!  Can’t quite believe it, I thought I may have made a few silly mistakes! Anyway, just a quick thanks for your help & responding to any questions I had – I appreciate I may have had a few more questions than most… 😂 James, December 2020

Just to let you know I just got my grade 8 theory result, I got 93 which I’m really pleased with! Thank you so much for all your help with it, a distinction definitely wouldn’t have been possible without your help! Jessica, December 2020

katrina result

OMG! Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and patience over the….. years, I guess it is really! Katrina, November 2020

I really enjoyed the course! Very thorough and taught calmly with a nice voice 🙂 I just sat the exam last night and I think it went well with no surprises.. I’ll definitely be signing up for grade 6, I’m a composer so it looks like more fun! Dashiel, November 2020

Your Grade 6 Music Theory course is amazing, the video really helps with the written work you have provided. I have used other course materials in the past and found them to be quite inaccessible at times, and I am an adult learner. I found your courses online to help with Grade 5 and knew I’d be using your courses to help with the higher grades. I’m really glad I did! I would highly recommend your courses for anyone whom wishes to undertake a music theory course. Thank you, Marc, October 2020

Just a word to say that I used your online grade V theory papers in the new format for online exams for the first time today with one of my students.  They are absolutely brilliant!  I could spend a long time saying why, but there’s no need – just every single thing about them is so well done, well thought out, incredibly clear, not too expensive either!  Jo, October 2020

In the past I have used your printed books along with my piano tutor to aid me successfully through passing the first five grades. With the sheer volume of material and different slant to the exam I decided to try your online course. This has been a complete success, the material is well presented and I like the way that the figured bass is split over the various lessons into logical, digestible sections rather than trying to tackle it head on. In addition the course is very good value for money. Dave, October 2020

I just want to say thank you for all the materials you have on your website. My son 9 yo, sat for the exam in August and he got distinction 71/75. We are very happy and thanks for the great work. Jennifer, October 2020

I would just like to say thank you so much for your resources that helped me in my G5 theory exam taken recently (online) I used your course materials for G1-5 and furthermore, used your new resource on exam question practise for the new style G5 online theory exam. I successfully obtained 70/75 in the recent exam with distinction. Your excellent resources were what helped me to achieve this really good score – and I worked quite hard too (a mature student at 57!) I really appreciate your very British ‘no-nonsense’ approach to music theory and enjoyed learning with your materials (I am studying for pleasure, not necessity). I am just preparing to start working with intensity on G6 and will certainly be subscribing to your course materials again – I just need to plan my approach to get the most our of everything available. I have already dipped my toes into your G6 materials when coming to the end of my G5 study as I thought it would help me to move forward before the G5 exam. Thanks so much for your excellent resources. Michelle, September 2020

I have nothing but praise for this book and Victoria Williams. It is a fabulous value for money book which allowed me to prepare and test my students in a meaningful way for Grade 5 theory online examination preparation. The book effectively fills the resource vacuum created by the new online exam format for the grade 5 theory. It provides a comprehensive mock test environment with answers that is clearly appropriate for the level, and provided invaluable experience for my students. Happily I am able to report on two distinctions from two candidates of mine that used this book as part of their preparation for the exam. I have no doubt this book contributed to their success. In addition to the book being a first class, the customer service I received was excellent, consequently I would not hesitate in recommending this book to others. Without a doubt I will be on the lookout for any future publications in these series. Ilona, September 2020

I wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for your fabulous on line theory courses. My daughter & I signed up to your grade 5 course during lockdown. To begin with we were completely overwhelmed with how much there was to learn but day by day it slowly started to make sense thanks to you & your wonderful explanations, videos & support with exceptionally quick responses to my queries. You have been fantastic & we couldn’t be more grateful, particularly with the speed you produced methods & test papers in the new online format. When we heard about the exam changes & the new criteria she needed to learn for the new exam style we felt very stressed, especially as it was only released a couple of weeks before the exam day, but thanks to you & your help & expertise to cope with these changes we felt more confident. Today Farah got her result & passed with a very high scoring Distinction. We are thrilled with the result & would like you to know that she couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so so much. Becci, September 2020

I have just received my results (73/75) for the pilot online exam and it was largely due to your tests – I could never have achieved that mark without having plenty of experience of the format and I am so grateful to you – they were really a marvellous support and you must have worked such long hours to produce them in the time. I worked through them all. Gill, September 2020

We’ve loved your books – and still use them. Maddy won BBC Proms Young Composer of the Year so she’s now gone to Purcell School. Sam is hopefully going this next 12 months. You’re books were a godsend as both Maddy and Sam were self-taught. Many thanks for everything – great books! Gaia, September 2020

I found the video course to be excellent- videos were clear, concise and easily digestible. The dialogue was also clear and unfussy. Having ran through the full course it was then simple to navigate to my weak spots. Having gone though the course in conjunction with the 10 on-line style exam papers really got me to the point were I felt totally confident about the exam. I was scoring 90%+ in those mocks and I’m hoping you’ve moved from a merit to a distinction mark. Shaun, September 2020 – Got the distinction and your course and past papers got me from mid 70% in the assessment paper to distinction about 6 weeks later

Thank you for giving Otto these lessons. He’s really enjoying them and they’re definitely helping him to move on. Miranda, July 2020

I like it as the videos are explained in a simple and easy to understand way and I can watch the videos as many times as I’d like which is useful if I forget something later on 🙂 Grace, July 2020

Aloha Victoria. I purchased your Species Counterpoint course online and really enjoyed it. You are a fabulous teacher and you inspired me to purchase your music theory books on Amazon. Iʻm re-entering college to complete my Bachelorʻs of Music degree after 35 years. Iʻm very excited to finally finish up and know that your resources are available. Zanuck, August 2020

Thank you so much for this update and the new materials available on your amazing website. I am a musician and primary school music teacher who decided during lockdown to see what theory knowledge I had forgotten in the 40 odd years since originally passing my grade 5 theory! I found your website to be absolutely brilliant and have recommended it to music teacher colleagues and students. I really enjoyed my revision and have booked on to the August 26th online pilot. When I was a kid, doing the grade 5 ‘crash course’ with my music teacher as so many students do, I remember finding it all a real chore and very complicated. I wish your website had been around in those days! Now I find the whole thing fascinating and highly addictive! I can understand why you have chosen to specialise in this area. During my revision, I discovered that most of the syllabus was in my working knowledge, but there were some tricky areas and I think I now REALLY understand compound time properly for the first time! I also discovered how important it was to do all the exercises provided right from grade 1 onwards and get my hands on as many practice papers as possible. So – grade 5 retake in August and then – grade 6 here I come with the help of your course. Many thanks again! Cathy, August 2020

I love your online courses – they are so clearly explained and are really accessible. I am in awe of your ability and am so grateful that your courses are available. Sarah, August 2020

I must say that it is nice to have received this email from your good self showing that you are on top of the changes that the ABRSM are implementing. I fully appreciate the amount of work required by yourself to implement these changes, not only to the written documentation but to the video presentations. So I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for presenting a very in-depth and detailed source of information in both printed and video formats, certainly without a doubt, one of my best investments. Mark, August 2020

Your class is really helpful and full of useful information. I would recommend this series to anyone thank you. Terry, July 2020

Your website is incredible. İt is recommended by many professors and teachers i have met at the online courses. Keep spreading knowledge please. Murat, July 2020

You’re a HERO for us self taught students, we love your website, hard work and dedication you give to us. Geralda, July 2020

I recently received my result for grade 4 answer was delighted with 97 %. I’ve achieved a distinction for each Grade so far using your programme! So a huge thank you for your excellent course and clarity! You have my No 1 vote .Appreciate your excellent service. Veronica, April 2020 

OMG OMG Victoria, I passed Grade 6!!!! Thank you so much!!  Had your voice in my head all through exam! In shock still as was sure I’d failed, two years ago I had never even played an instrument & am a real oldie at 55 to start learning! OMG thank you so much!! Carley, April 2020

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation to you as I wouldn’t have passed without the help of your well structured course. I managed 95% so am pleased, even though I was aiming for 100%. Nick, April 2020

85% for my G6 theory. I could not have done it without you and your great resources. A huge thanks. Andrew, April 2020

I can’t wait to share with you that I scored 88% passed with merit!! This is super exciting! Thank you so so much for your help! In fact your one video is so much better than my whole month theory lesson here in Malaysia (and I’m not exaggerating it!) Every single cent worths it! I can’t find a word to describe my excitement right now, I really, really thank you so so much! And also thank you for your info regarding the recommendation of orchestration etc, I find it very useful! And yup you’re the best online music theory teacher ever!! Thank you!! Hau, April 2020

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your online course. I have always struggled with music theory and numerous teachers have failed to explain it in a way for me to comprehend. I signed up to your online course and within a couple of months I had passed my grade 5 theory with distinction – I was gobsmacked! Something I had always found so hard appeared really quite straight forward. Your course is extremely well structured and I would strongly recommend it to others. Thanks again. Emily, December 2019

I am pleased to tell you that I have passed Grade 5 music theory exam with distinction. (98/100). Thank you again for your good work in producing this excellent course. Grazyna, December 2019

This is to express my gratitude and to say how brilliant the tutorials on your website are. I used the lessons on your site to teach my daughter who sat for the November 2019 grade1 theory exams. She scored 95%. A Distinction. Thank you. As we move on I shall be purchasing your videos. We are thankful. Sam, December 2019

I just wanted to let you know that I got a distinction (93/100) in my Grade 8 theory! Thanks so much again for all the marking and resources! I’m looking forward to getting properly started with the diploma! Jess, July 2019

I have just received my Grade 6 Theory results and I got 82/100! A merit! Thank you for all your help and for marking my practice papers. I also beat my Dad who got 67 when he did it as a teenager. Hannah, July 2019

I just wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing website – I am sitting my grade 8 theory exam today (eeek!) and have had a limited amount of time to study for it due to school exams, concerts, recitals etc. Your website has been an absolute lifesaver, and I don’t think I’d be anywhere near ready for this exam without it! Thank you so much! Maya, June 2019

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your G8 theory video course. Managed to get a distinction at G8 Theory thanks to the course, would recommend 100%! The amount of work that has clearly went into it is quite large and the quality and clarity of content is exceptional. Declan, April 2019

Am really pleased with the course, which has exceeded my expectations. I’ve struggled with the grade 6 theory handbooks and had a couple of teachers in the past, but your course is so much easier to understand. Thank you! Jill, April 2019

Thank you for your encouragement Victoria. I passed (Grade 6 Music Theory)! And completed your course in about 4 weeks. It was a lot but without your program, I would’ve not passed since your resources were my only help. Again, my victory is yours, thank you! Mari, April 2019

I’ve been waiting to get my Music theory results back before replying to this e-mail. I’m an adult student. I learned violin when I was in school many years ago. I gave it up when I went to University. However, I decided to go back and learn it when I was expecting my third baby…(clearly life wasn’t busy enough!) I started doing exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. I began with Grade 5 and continued on to do Grade 6 and 7. I am now doing Grade 8 but I felt that there was a huge gap in my knowledge of theory. I decided to start with Grade 3 theory last summer and it was then that I found your courses online.
They were absolutely invaluable. I have 3 young boys and it was fantastic to be able to follow your courses in my own time. The videos were easy to understand and really well laid out. I downloaded the pdfs and worked through the exercises. I got 90 in Grade 3, then decided to do Grade 4 in November in which I got 97 and then did Grade 5 in March. I’m delighted to tell you that I got my result yesterday and I received 98. I’m absolutely thrilled. However, for me, the best thing is understanding the theory and feeling confident with the various elements. Thank you so much for your wonderful courses. They were quite simply invaluable. Eimear, April 2019

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience to the unfortunate ones who do not have the necessary resources readily available. We will keep browsing your website for more insights from you. Vinaka vakalevu and kind regards from the members of the Fiji Police Band. March, 2019

I received my abrsm grade 3 theory results and it’s a distinction with a score of 96. Thank you very much for your valuable tutorials. Sulaksha, December 2018

I passed my Grade 5 Music Theory with 98%. Huge thanks to you for your excellent on-line course, Steve, December 2018

96! I really wasn’t expecting that. Thanks for all your help. Gordon, December 2018

I thought I would write to you to say that I have found your music theory books very readable, enjoyable and effective. I am a recently retired surgeon and apart from catching up with lost time on the piano I thought I would tackle the higher abrsm music theory grades too. Just for fun you understand! In the last 12 months I took and passed grade 6 and 7 theory with distinction and grade 8 with merit, all self-taught using your books. So a very big thank you from me!! Andrew, December 2018

We’ve just got Oscar’s results for grade 8: 94 out of 100, so distinction!! Oscar is wondering where those 6 marks went, though… 🙂 Thanks ever so much for your brilliant course, and all your help! Oscar is now studying music at Trinity College Cambridge. Christine, December 2018

Just to let you know that I got 83% and a merit in the Grade 6 exam so I am delighted. I wanted to thank you for all your help as I really wouldn’t have managed it without all your marking and advice. Thank you so much. Barbara, December 2018

It is the best online music theory course I have come across! It gave me in depth knowledge and understanding of the grade 6 syllabus. It was simultaneously concise and detailed and most importantly super fun! After completing the course, I have gained a lot of confidence and now continuously apply the theory I learned in the course while playing pieces and doing aural training. Thank you! Juliette, December 2018

Firstly, may I say that your course was fantastic, and you are the one person who breaks it down into pieces. Your YouTube clip (34 minutes) that deal with the SATB harmonisation with the figured bass is brilliant. You have a great way of explaining the correct selection of the soprano, whilst not breaking laws of consecutive and exposed 5ths and octaves. Your coverage in the PDF book is excellent and it made me work hard on my names of all orchestral instruments in the different languages plus general terminology if the score was in French, Italian or German. We need you to create what you have in the UK here for the Australian. The fact that “you take the student by the hand” is so reassuring. Rod, November 2018

I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you. The theory you wrote on your website helped me and my daughter a lot. I had no knowledge of music theory before, and I find your step-by-step guide really easy to follow. I used your method to teach my 8-year-old daughter, and she gained 95 in ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam in the summer term. Without your help, we could have never achieved that. So once again, thank you very much! Summer, September 2018

My son passed his grade 4 exams (94%) by studying and learning from you on the online videos and the book you provide. I am sure you get this type of feedback all the time, but I still thought I do want to give you that feedback. Your videos and training are very clear, and my son had some difficulties on some of the mock questions during the practice exams. He decided to go back to listen and watch the videos again and problem resolved! Salim, July 2018

So excited to be able to continue watching your various videos. I have read a lot of your written work, amazed by your hard work. Your English is very clear to people like me, English as a secondary language. With you direction, I am thinking about to carry on the theory study after grade 8. Yan, July 2018

Just wanted to let you know that at the age of 75 I took my first ever theory exam on June 16th and I’ve just heard that I’ve passed! I was struggling a bit with understanding and learning everything until I signed up for your course so Thank You, with your help I’ve done it! Fran, July 2018

Thank you very much for your music theory course, my daughter Angelina she got distinction of the grade 5 theory with 94 mark, your course really helped her. Thanks a lot! Cherry, July 2018

Like so many of your students no doubt, I am well chuffed to report I achieved 94% (Distinction) in my Grade 5 exam. You have done it again with your expert teaching not just in terms of your online courses but the personal touch you bring to actual communication with students. I would definitely not have achieved such a high score had it not been for you explaining in simple terms the issues I had with some of my Grade 5 course work.
So many people like me truly value and appreciate your brilliance and kindness Victoria, so please do keep up the great work that you do and I will raise a glass this weekend to not only toast my own success but your excellent achievement too (LmusTCL). John, July 2018

Got results yesterday for grade 5 music theory: thanks to preparation with your book I got 98 percent – distinction. Thank you very much! Matthias, July 2018

I have just received my Grade 5 results and am delighted to have passed with a distinction of 92%. I certainly could not have done it without you. Thank you. Christine, July 2018

I did it! I passed and passed with a merit! (Only just with 80) I am over the moon!!! I cannot thank you enough. I am so happy. Dawn, July 2018

Just heard I achieved 72% pass at grade 6 music theory, this summer, I was the only “old lady” in the exam room. Thank you so much for all the help your website has given me. Angela, July 2018

I would like to share with you that I passed my Grade 5 (TCL) Music Theory Exam with Merit(84) . I want to thank you for providing BIG Help to pass my exam through your fantastic Site. Ravi, May 2018 

Just want to let you know that I have PASSED my Grade 8 Theory with 84% (Merit). THANK YOU SO MUCH for your study material and videos…. You are the BEST online teacher !!!!! Esme, April 2018

Thank you for running this site and for your excellent published materials. Although I have two music degrees, they are performance related and some of the theory was never [needed to be] covered. As a challenge with a colleague , we decided to take ABRSM G7, G8 and the theory diploma with Trinity. Our results for stage 1 of our project came through this morning and I am pleased to report with the help of your materials, I gained 94 marks in grade 7 theory. Thank you again and keep up the good work! Samuel, April 2018

Just a quick message to say thank you so much for creating excellent learning materials for the ABRSM Music Theory Examinations. On the 28th February I sat my Grade 1 Theory examination. As you are no doubt aware the results came out today. When I checked the online results system I could not believe my eyes when I read Mark : 100 Cat : Distinction. I could not have achieved this without your excellent learning materials. I have already started your Grade 2 Theory course and I plan to continue using your materials for my music theory studies. John, April 2018

I used your website to help with my ABRSM Grade 5 theory which I sat in March. I have just received the results – 96/100 which I am delighted with. You really should be proud of these resources and I would recommend the site to anybody. I am certainly hoping to work through the higher grades. Laura, April 2018

My son age 11 just passed His music theory grade 5 on distinction with first attempt. We only used your tutorials and past papers. (5-6 weeks preparation) I am so over the moon and a very proud mum. Linda, April 2018

I have passed grade 7 music theory exam. Thank you so much for your support it wouldn’t have been possible without your help on both the website and quick response to questions asked via email. You’re the greatest tutor ever!!! Mulem, April 2018

I passed with distintion. My girls with merit. We all did grade 5. I started with very little knowledge as can play flute at grade 2/3 level….and we did it in a few weeks thanx to your course. Eva (50+) March 2018

Thank You so much 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve just received my results – 100% in G5. I certainly wouldn’t have achieved that without your book and web-site – brilliant. I have already bought your G6 book – onwards and upwards! Sally, March 2018

I just wanted to thank you and say that your excellent notes and your taking time to answer the odd email question resulted in my attaining a distinction in my Grade 5 Theory exam with a mark of 96. Steve, March 2018

The music theory course is great. Very clear and easy to follow. I am really enjoying it and hope it will help me pass. I find it very useful to be able to listen again and again to tricky parts. Bethan, March 2018

I found your grade 6 music theory video course very helpful (I also bought your textbook). I used it to supplement the lessons I had already been having with a local teacher. The videos were great and always explained everything very clearly. Lin, March 2018

I like the way you write your material which includes video clips to help explain the point. In particular I like that you have broken the subject down into bite size pieces of information that are easy to digest with lots of tests to confirm my understanding. If I were not to have understood a section I would not feel too frustrated at revisiting it, being that it is bite size(so far this has not happened). Where you are explaining a point with chords you are expert enough I am sure to recognise what those chords are but I am not so quick yet and like being able to pause the videos to work them out for myself.
By comparison, I have bought Theory exam material published by ABRSM and find it to be very factual but very poor at providing an explanation. There books are a lot thinner so do give them the space they need. The MyMusicTheory books (inc course PDF downloads), whilst are thicker I find myself turning pages quite quickly and feel I am getting somewhere. ABRSM I struggle to turn pages because I haven’t understood. 
I would like to say a huge big thank you. I will continue to recommend your material to other people and look forward to working with your material to achieve my goal of grade 8. David, February 2018

Your simple explanation cuts through the fog in two sentences. This is teaching at its best, thankyou for this site. Geoff, January 2018

Just wanted to say thanks for your Grade V Theory video course. Passed with 83%. Tutoring of this calibre, being continuously available via the online course was a tremendous help, and your book helped a lot too while I was away on holiday (something to do of a night). Ron, December 2017

Unbelievable, but she got merit – 84! So pleased! Many thanks for all your support, couldn’t have done it without you! Sangeeta, December 2017

I have just started using your course material to help a 17 year old with aspirations to join the Royal Airforce Band. He is doing the ABRSM Theory course with me and needs to proceed through as many grades as possible before applying to the RAF. We have quickly reached the ‘milestone’ Grade No 4 and find some of Eric Taylor’s material in the textbook somewhat confusing. The layout is rather crammed and sometimes leads to further research in other publications! Finding your website has been a great help. Your accompanying explanations are much more educationally friendly and more easily understood so that one can move on to the next section without having had to labour a point i.e. getting stuck! Celia, November 2017

I hope to take my grade 6 Theory exam on February 2018! I have been using your course book for self study and have say that without it, I would have really struggled with the material that is out there in the music shops. Adele, November 2017

My daughter and I have worked through all your videos for grade 5. I have to say, your course is absolutely wonderful. Holly and I have found it straightforward, easy to understand and even fun at times! She is taking her grade 5 on Tuesday and feels confident due to you. Jo, November 2017

My daughter is 9 and I have been teaching her theory since March and she sits grade 6 next year, so we will go ahead. I have to say your website is really very, very good. I am not musical myself, but have read through a lot of things to understand them. Also I have to say, I have a law degree, and just didn’t get cadences, until you explained them in a way I could relay confidently. Amanda, September 2017 

You are a wonderful teacher in the clear manner you explain the theory. I am so delighted to have found your website, and am only sorry that I did not know about it years ago! I am studying the theory everyday, and am learning the foreign words alongside too. There is SO MUCH to learn, but thanks to YOU, learning is enjoyable. Thank you again for the opportunity to learn music theory free. Carmela, August 2017

I PASSED! Thank you so much for your encouragement and having the patience to answer my questions and put up with my self-doubt. Naomi, July 2017

I thought you might be interested to know that I passed my Grade 6 exam with 75% . I was delighted and just wanted to say thanks for your help as advice . The course was great and really helped me to see “the whole picture”. Barbara, July 2017

Just wanted to let you know that I got 98 in my Grade 6 exam! Thanks again for all your help, will be commencing work on grade 7 shortly! Best wishes, Katrina, July 2017

I just wanted to thank you for your series of Music Theory Workbooks. I am a music teacher (violin) and find them very useful personally, and my students find them incredibly informative and ‘user-friendly’. I mostly teach the Trinity syllabus but your series of books has a wealth of exercises and explanations which are applicable to all syllabuses. I also find the advanced workbooks (Grades 6,7, and 8) very useful in A level music coaching. Henry, July 2017

I got a distinction for my grade 6 theory!!!! Am soooo happy!! Thank you for all your wonderful feedback! I’ve already bought your grade 7 and 8 videos but didn’t want to start watching them in case it brought me bad luck! Thanks again Janet, July 2017

Your website was so user friendly and a MASSIVE help. I ended up passing my exam with a merit! So this is just a quick note to say how much I appreciate you and your website. Zara, June 2017

I stumbled across your site by accident and I found it brilliant! I am trying to play the cello (it is a difficult beast!) and I have passed my grade 5 practical, so I need my theory in order to progress. I’ve been through your courses for grade 1-4 and I bought your grade 5 book off Amazon, which is also brilliant! Everything is easy to follow and clearly laid out. Thanks again for the great site – and thanks for keeping most of it free, what a find! Keep up the good work! 🙂 Marzia, April 2017

Thank you, once again for all your help and support with the ABRSM music theory exams. As an adult learner coming back to music after thirty years it is a slow start and sometimes also feels like an uphill battle. With your support and this wonderful website of your I succeeded in Passing my ABRSM grade 6 exam and with MERIT!!!!! Thank you so much ….and now Grade 7 Here I come! Casper, April 2017

I wanted to thank you for your help since I recently learned that I achieved Distinction in the Grade 8 Music Theory. Thank you! Carina, April 2017

I take this opportunity to thank you for the very interesting and informative material on your website. I have gone through some of the ABRSM grade 7 & 8 theory syllabus and found it helpful. I am a music teacher in Singapore and have been teaching for 30 years. It’s always humbling to know that no matter how many years in the profession, there’s always something new to learn. I will be taking on the Species Counterpoint course for now. Perhaps the Practical Counterpoint later. Thank you again for bringing music theory “to life” on your website. While textbook learning is not without its rewards it can seem dull especially so for the young people of today! Shanthini, October 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the course. I have just passed grade 6 theory and it has been instrumental (no pun) in helping me to do so – in fact I don’t think I could have done it without your site. I now intend to apply to do a piano teacher’s diploma, now that I’ve got the qualifications I need!! Many thanks again, Richard, 30th March 2017

I would like to say a very big thank you to you for your wonderful music theory website and books. I Google’d music theory courses and came across your brilliant website. I worked my way through the whole of the grade 5 area during my lunchbreaks at work and also bought your grade 5 book to work through in the evenings and the weekends. They are truly wonderful, you have explained everything so well and in a very engaging way. I was very daunted by the idea of studying theory before I found your material. I now find the subject fascinating and actually enjoy learning about music theory. I received my exam result yesterday and I am delighted to be able to say that I passed my grade 5 theory first time with a mark of 93 and a distinction. Something I know I would not have been able to achieve without your brilliant website and book. So a huge thank you to you. I am now free to carry on and do whatever I choose with my music and that is a wonderful thing. Samantha, 30th March 2017

I am going to buy your grade 6, 7 and 8 theory books because I found myself wanting to know more about music theory post grade 5. Also I think that studying the theory has really helped my playing and understanding of music in general and I want to know more.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your help with the theory course last year. The website was brilliant and you were also very helpful if I had any questions or when I was emailing homework. I passed the theory exam comfortably!! Thank you very much for all of your help and I wish you the very best for the future! I would just like to say thank you very much for all your help with my work towards the Grade 5 theory exam (which I did pass!) and your videos were so helpful. I do appreciate how quickly you marked our homework, mock papers and with answering any of my questions!Antarpreet & Antarjot, 7th January 2017

I do not play an instrument but have been singing for about 10 years now – very late starter having grown up ‘tone deaf’!. However, I started to get an interest in music theory and decided that I wanted to achieve Grade 5. Having attained the lower grades, this was the year 2016. So with a lot of help centred around your tutorial free sessions, I decided to go for the book you produced. I think it is your layout of ideas that got me through the exam and made it possible. Drawing the piano keys, I had been doing, but the major and minor scales were so much help to refer to. I achieved a merit and am so pleased with myself. Meg, 3rd January 2017

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have found your website and excellent resources. I’ve come back to music after a break of about 30 years and am now learning to play the cello. I studied music/musicology up to our year 12 and sat the Higher School Certificate exam (NSW, Australia)…. Having come back to music after such a long break I’ve learned the hard lesson that if you don’t use it you lose it… I’ve been learning the cello (in stops and starts) for about 8 years but realised that my very rusty knowledge of music theory is holding me back. Hence finding your website and starting at Grade 1. I printed off Grade 1 and took it to my first cello lesson in 18 months to show my teacher, (he’s a well known performer and also lecturer in cello performance) as we had agreed some time ago that my time with him was better spent on playing. He was impressed with your comprehensive coverage of the topics. Georgina, 27th December 2016

I’ve just got my results back on my grade 5 Theory – and really pleased I was able to finally pass this (couple of points of a merit – but I have a busy life). I’m an adult learner with mild dyslexia and have found trying to learn with a teacher doing weekly lessons did not work for me. I tried different teachers thinking it was either them or me. Being able to study at my own pace, online, and keep playing the lessons over and over with such a logical approach to each lesson and good explanations for everything, was a really good way to learn for someone who needs to go over everything about 3 times before it lodges in. I really enjoyed your lessons, and will now move onto grade 6 practical with much more confidence. Thanks for putting these courses together. Sue, 19th December 2016

LIFE SAVER! I’m 15 years old and my music teacher told me that I had to take the grade 5 theory exam about a month before the actual exam . Anyway, I bought a few theory books to help me but they didn’t seem to do the trick, I had about 2 weeks left till the exam and I had absolutely no idea about the exam, until I encountered this website. Having already paid for the grade 5 theory exam and seen the fantastic reviews about this website I decided to buy the grade 5 video course. Surprisingly, having done no theory exams before I somehow got a good pass in just 2 weeks! I would just like to say thank you so much to the owner of this website, your video courses were very clear and easy for me to understand, would DEFINITELY recommend! John, 15th December 2016

I thought you might like to know that this year, working with your courses and youtube videos (and nothing else). I managed to attain Grade 5 Merit (two marks off the distinction). I am sure you get positive feedback all the time but a little more can’t do any harm. Eddy, 9th December 2016

I passed with 96 mark. Thank you for your work because without your course I would not have made it. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Gunter, 7th December 2016

Just picked up my results…got a distinction at G6, which is much better than I hoped for. Your feedback was so valuable and certainly made a great difference to my results. Thanks so much. I have downloaded the G7 course and am looking forward to getting stuck in! Ruth, 6th December 2016

Thank goodness I stumbled on your website site or I would not have even been able to contemplate taking the exam at all !! Jo, 6th December 2016

I absolutely love your music theory resources and I used your website and book for my grade 5 – I just passed with 97%!!!! I just bought your grade 6 book and I can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much for making music theory so much more accessible than the … books seem to do! Laura, 6th December 2016

Magnolia received a mark of 96! She is thrilled and we owe her high mark to you!! Your material, video course and feedback are all fantastic!! I rave about your course to all the parents.Thank you for being super supportive and available!! Linda, 6th December 2016

I can’t thank you enough, I found the … books to be of little use once I started using your webiste, I studied for two weeks with very little prior theory knowledge and achieved 94/100 Distinction grade 5, I really appreciate your work. Nickeal, 6th December 2016

I studied for Grade 5 from your website and just achieved a Distinction. So thank you very much. I am I might add a pensioner who took up the piano five years ago and I will take the grade 6 practical in March. It’s my hope if I get to Grade 8 to take a music degree. Once again thank you for your superb courses. David, 6th December 2016

I got 88, merit! Very pleased! Thank you for the excellent training course and feedback. Ippo, 6th December 2016

Thanks for the marking and excellent feedback on questions, I learned loads and it was massively helpful. I got 98% for my Grade 5! Dylan, 9th November 2016

I took Grade 4 in June, and thanks to you, I had a distinction scoring 95. I am so grateful to you and your wonder method 🙂 – great methodology, indeed. JP, 31st October 2016

It’s like having a personal teacher. Your course has awakened an interest in music theory which I shall continue with after the exams. I cannot fault your teaching so far and I am ever grateful for your generosity of spirit with music teaching. There is a big difference between trying to take information from text books and studying a course that is directed towards the exam. Without your help , I would have definitely wasted my entry fee, as it is I now have a chance to pass, if only my ageing brain behaves itself ! David, 26th October 2016

My 11 and 9 year olds did their grade 5 this summer and their results were fantastic (94 and 88%) my 9 year old only missed out on a distinction because he was in a hurry to get out(that’s typical of him,lol) so didn’t check his intervals properly. All thanks to your website! Bernice, 29th September 2016

You are really doing a nice job of giving basic and advanced music knowledge to the world. Keep it up. Nwabu, 27th September 2016

I just want to say that I think your website is absolutely superb, so clear and logical and yet sufficiently detailed to assist students in getting a good grade, rather than just pass. I purchased your Gds 6& 7 books over the Summer and intend to use them as my reference text books. It is particularly helpful that you supply the answers to all of your questions, and explain your examples. Marie, 7th September 2016

I just wanted to pass on a little message as a thank you for all the help you’ve given me through your website. I have a fair bit of music theory experience and have completed my Royal Irish Academy of Music Theory & Harmony grades. Due to this, I wasn’t starting off from scratch, but I was still very unfamiliar with the ABRSM in general, and the layout of the exams. There is nothing like your website for the RIAM grades so when I decided to take ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory in June (for a bit of experience with other examination boards) I was delighted at all the facilities you had to offer. I did buy the official workbook for the exam but it wasn’t overly helpful, so about two days before the exam I purchased your Grade 5 Video Course, and it was a fantastic decision! I worked through most of the course in one day, focusing on the elements I hadn’t much experience in, things that don’t appear on the RIAM syllabi and other things I was just rusty with. The composition videos were in particular quite helpful and extremely comprehensive, as well as the videos on the orchestra. I recently received the results to my exam, in which I scored 97%! This included a 13/15 for my composition question, a mark of which I am personally quite pleased. I definitely could not have achieved such a high distinction without this video course. I am now studying for my Grade 6 exam using MMT. It is a remarkable website. David, 5th August 2016

Just to say that you very much for the help your website has given me during my Grade 1, 2 and 3 Theory Exams. Thanks to you, I managed two distinctions for Grade 1 and 2 (94+) and a pass (77) for Grade 3. Jennie, 28th July 2016

I’m glad to report that I scored 98% this time round but at least I scored 10/10 for the 4 bar rhythm question which pleased me no end. This type of question was causing me much anxiety but your explanation and examples was invaluable to me, so a big thank you for that. Johnny, 27th July 2016

Thank you very much for all your help and advice. Milly was delighted to get a distinction for her grade 5 theory exam! Your website, the video course and in particular the composition marking was a great help! Robin, 16th July 2016

I’ve scored 80% in Grade 8 Music theory. I thank you for all your support and guidance in my learning journey. You’ve always clarified my doubts and the explanations been concise and clear. My dream is to write a fugue and present to you. Hope it will be someday. I once again thank you for being my BEST music tutor. Karthik, 15th July 2016

Thanks to your well-structured, detailed and very well presented grade 5 theory course, I have managed a pleasing distinction in the June exam round. Many thanks and kind regards. Robert, 15th July 2016

My 11 year old Evan just got his grade 5 result. 90% Distinction first time. Your materials are excellent, thanks very much. Roll on Fingered Based and Composition for G6. Peter, 15th July 2016

Your website is fantastic, I only wish I had found it a couple of months ago. A brilliant resource, especially for parents like me, who have no knowledge of music! Emma, 20th June 2016

I would just like to say thank you for setting up the site with free resources. I had my Grade 6 theory exam yesterday and using the resources really helped me to clarify the topics that I was unsure about. The information is very easy to read and understand-much better than the … book that I had a look at in my opinion! I will definitely be coming back when I start learning Grade 7 theory. Grace, 19th June 2016

Thank you for coming up with this brilliant site.I am sure it will be useful for many musicians all over the world! Adithya, 17th June 2016

Your lessons are well-written, clear and enable me to help my daughter do very well in the exams. Lei, 14th June 2016

I can’t thank you enough for posting such useful lessons for grade 5. I am so so grateful. I got a 92 percent I grade 4 and I am really looking forward to the grade 5 exam. Thanks for all your help. You are amazing! Shibani, 8th June 2016

I would like to say how good the course is, my son (11 years old) who was at the stage of beginning past papers has found it brilliant and much easier to study than looking at books. He is due to take the exam in November and with so much being available on line for nothing I was reluctant to pay but it really has been money well spent. Karen, 2nd June 2016

I am very grateful and thankful for your helpful videos I viewed a few days before my music theory test. I completed my test in March this year and genuinely think I couldn’t have done certain things without your brilliant advice. I am currently completing my A-levels and I wanted to ensure that I could find an extra couple of UCAS points before applying. Now that I have this obstacle out of the way I hope to go on and reach grade 8 on the flute as I am currently finishing off grade 6. I had some experience with the piano and hopefully over summer when I complete my education I can focus on music. It was hard to switch from A-levels to music theory and I wish I did a bit more in the previous summer, but Victoria I have it now and thank you for the extra help you provided in your videos. I am currently 18 and hopefully in the wintertime I can begin preparation for my Grade 8 theory. Your videos are truly superb and I cant thank you enough. Will, 27th May 2016

What a terrific service you provide. I am a trustee of a music school, and although we have in-house musicianship G5 teaching for our students, I will have no hesitation in recommending this for exam preparation/holiday work for our students. From my own pov – I v much look forward to studying with your site for my own G5 exam later this year – somewhat belated as I’ve been playing classical guitar for almost 40 years now! Many thanks for your amazing resource and all the work behind it, Peter, 24th May 2016

I find your website to be one of the few that provides quite comprehensive training materials at ABRSM standards, quality and accurateness. Adrias, 13th May 2016

Many thanks – your service is brilliant. Wendy, 9th May 2016

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your theory website. My daughter is taking Gd 5 Theory and she is using the website and various resources but also I am a Secondary school Music teacher and work with Year 7 – 13 who have also found your website extremely useful. I also like the fact I get emails suggesting youtube etc. so it is accessible in so many ways. I also bought the Gd 5 booklet which is proving most beneficial, particularly as a revision document. The little tests are great too – well done! Victoria, 6th May 2016

Just to let you know I got a merit in my theory (89/100) 😀 I really value your lessons and I’m hoping to move on to grade 6 piano, clarinet and theory and will definitely be using your videos. Will, 23rd April 2016

I thought you’d like to know that thanks to your course I just passed grade 6 ABRSM theory exam. Your help is much appreciated. Keep up the good work! Grade 7 next!….. Thanks again. Geertien, 20th April 2016

Lovely set out site. Been teaching music since 1971 but it’s always nice to see a fresh approach. I have pupils entered for Grade 5 and the nicely presented terms and the check list for melodies were particularly good . Keep it coming! Diana, 17th April 2016

I have just started a few pages of the written course in PDF and it is EXCELLENT as it includes technique and skills for exam and the layout is well structured. Thank you again. Heidi, 8th April 2016

Hope you are fine, I passed ABRSM theory grade 8 exam without a teacher or buying materials, I was just studying from your great site on internet, I only want to thank you so much for helping me and for your quick response to my questions on mail. You are a great person and I will never forget you. Yehia, 6th April 2016 

To my considerable surprise, I managed to scrape a pass in the Grade 8 exam:  71. I attribute this entirely to your extensive and patient tuition. Peter, 30th March 2016

Thank you so much for this website, this is single-handedly making me pass year 10 music. Hannah, 30th March 2016

 YAY!!! Just learnt she passed with 87 (Merit). For me it proves that you courses definitely work as you concentrated her mind on the task so a massive thank you because this was a bid stumbling block. Ed, 29th March 2016

I couldn’t have done it without your help! Very big thanks:-):-) Linds, 29th March 2016

I will recommend your course without reservation!! You have made the whole teaching process interesting, fun and relevant. Indeed, I made a promise to myself to include more music theory in my piano teaching and already I’m finding myself discussing ‘reading’ into the music much more. Thank goodness I found you! Kate, 29th March 2016

We absolutely loved your grade 5 theory course and the results for my 9 and 11 year old sons have come through and reflect how much your methods have helped them achieve some super marks. The 9 year old got 93, his big brother got 89. Kate, 29th March 2016

Merit at Grade VII with 81%! Many thanks again for your site and composition course, that I did a few days before the exam. Richard, 29th March 2016

I found your course materials for study of grade 5 theory extremely helpful – and tomorrow I sit the exam much better prepared than I would otherwise be! Colin, 1st March 2016

I realised i was terrified of committing because of the huge holes i feel i have in my theory of music knowledge since doing grade 5 violin and piano over 30 years ago. While i have played my instruments a lot since, Your fantastic online site and material available are just what i have needed to take the first step nearer my dream so thankyou. Jane, 1st March 2016

Just to say a big thank you for the amount of time you spend putting the learning material together in your site. Eric, 26th February 2016

Thank you so much for all your brilliant work in creating this course your way. You are BRILLIANT!!! Your courses make studying music theory a great pleasure. Tracey, 23rd February 2016

I wanted to thank you very much for your help since I have achieved a Distinction (92/100) in the Grade 6 Theory Exam. Carina, 7th January 2016

I am pleased to tell you that Erin got 83 in her Grade 5 Theory and we are all so pleased! I want to thank you so much for your support, expertise and experience. Her confidence was rocked when she failed her first attempt but joining your course and getting your support made all the difference. Thank you once again. Liz, 8th December 2015

Tim got 88% and Ben 95%. Rather an improvement from 11 and 13.5 in July!! I take my hat off to you. What an amazing course to get them that far up the curve in 4 months. Well done. Linda 2nd December 2015

At long last, I received my theory exam results today and am extremely pleased to say that I got 94/100 which means a distinction! I’d like to say a HUGE thank you for all your help! I found the course materials and youtube videos extremely helpful and would not have been able to do this exam without them. I also found that studying grade 5 theory online and through email was very convenient and it definitely saved me a lot of time! So thank you again for helping me achieve this! Magda, 1st December 2015

I have just passed my grade 4 theory which was, in no small part, made possible by your fantastic website.I love the way you make difficult subjects manageable. Mike, 1st December 2015

Merit in Grade 7 theory:  I attribute it entirely to the quality of your tuition! Peter, 1st December 2015

Before we started your course, we had pretty much decided that it wasn’t worth her sitting this session. It has certainly been an awful lot to condense into one week but the logical structure and clarity of the revision course has meant that she managed to learn a spectacular amount in one week. She found your revision notes particularly helpful, including the final tips. You have really managed to translate some very tricky subjects into a form which children can actually understand and apply. Eloise managed a very respectable 70% in the exam – so she did indeed pass!!! When you consider where she was just one week before taking your course, I think we can be in no doubt that she wouldn’t have even come close to passing without your help! Again, many thanks for your absolutely invaluable help! Suzanne, 14th November 2015

I just wanted to send a note to thank you again for your incredibly good site.  With your help I scored 99, including full marks for the composition question. John, 14th September 2015

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your help and support and for the fantastic ressources on your website. All this allowed my son Max (11) and myself (a middle-aged Mum who has never been involved with music until Max started playing cello 5 years ago) to pass the Grade 5 Music Theory exam with Dictinction (we both scored 93 %). We are delighted and very grateful, thank you very much indeed ! Aurelia 27th August 2015

I just wish all the bus routes round the world should have a stop at your place. Madam your effort is very nice and I wish I could have learned music at early years and taken music theory classes seriously instead of working in IT. I did my M.C.A but I wish instead of that I could have got a degree in music if I had a good teacher like you and hardly there are any good colleges here in India for music
Its really not so good working as a programmer and doing coding all day. But still people like you give hope and inspiration to all for learning. This information is really amazing. I am really amazed as how you make these lessons with such great and simple way and easy steps
All my friends,students, family members are studying and referring to your site whenever we need help. Wow its amazing. Never seen a teacher and site like this. As I feel you are  the most important person for many music learners and listeners. Wish you were in India. Tushar 7th August 2015

Thank you for your good luck wishes. I’m delighted to tell you that I passed my Grade 5 with distinction, 94 marks in total, and achieving 12/15 for the composition question. Thank you so much for your help in marking some of my compositions – your tips and explanations were so helpful – I wouldn’t have gained so many marks for the composition without your help. Angela, 30th July 2015

I just heard that I passed the ABRSM cello teaching diploma that I took in June. This would certainly not have happened without you and your site getting me through grade 6 theory last November! I am so pleased. Thank you so much. Liz, 26th July 2015

I’m writing to say thank you for your website; it’s helped me immensely with learning the Grade 6 syllabus, and has been brilliant at explaining many of the concepts I was previously confused about. It’s very generous that this is a free resource. Olivia 24th July 2015

I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your help whilst I was studying for grade 6! Your site is without a doubt the best that I cam across and I thought it was better than any book that I purchased. I passed with merit (80/100) and could not be happier – I will be recommending you to everyone! Jade 20th July 2015

We’d like to thank you for your guidance and wonderful support to our musical journey. My wife has secured a merit (83%) in her grade 5 theory and I’ve passed grade 6 (67%). Thank you once again and I need to mention my habit of logging into your website daily for any new updates. 🙂 Karthik, 18th July 2015

He was top of the class – your help was invaluable.  Thank you. Vicki and Harrry 17th July 2015

Just to let you know that I passed G5 theory with 79 marks. Not bad for a middle aged git! Many thanks for your excellent course which gave me some invaluable tips. Jeremy, 17th July 2015

I think I did pretty well. I felt pretty good with the harmony, and after watching the videos, I think the composition went well. Thank you so much for all your help! There’s something about you that really inspires me, and I all I know is your voice from YouTube and our email conversations. 😜 Nishita, 7th June 2015

I am just writing to say a big thank you for the resources for Grade 5 theory you’ve put on your website. I am taking the exam next Saturday and needed some help with orchestral instruments, although I do have some knowledge. I really detested doing theory, which held me back from completing final practical grades 6-8 because I didn’t complete grade 5 theory. My current teacher eventually pushed me to do the theory it all makes sense and I can’t believe I am saying this, but really enjoy doing the papers! Thankfully your website is really helpful in relation to preparing for the exam, the basic orchestral instruments and transposing etc is perfect and nicely put together. Louis, 14th June 2015

˚♡⌣̊┈̥-̶̶̯̥͡ok⌣̊┈̥-̶̶̯̥͡!·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣k✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶ ϔӫц  Anon, 9th June 2015

Thank you so much for this wonderful and most helpful website as it has definitely assisted her in her preparations for the exam. The guidelines are very clear and precise. Tianie, 21st May 2015

I would just like to thank you for making your website. I used it a few months back as I had an audition for the university of my dreams for their BEd course and part of the audition was a grade 5 theory exam and at the time I was only at grade 3. Through using your website I managed to learn the course in under a week and passed the test and luckily got into the university. I’m not sure if you’ll even read this email but I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you helped me immensely as I’m sure you have many others. Thank you so much for starting the website and breaking the course down to make it understandable for everyone. Without you I would not have been anywhere near passing the test. Sarah, 26th April 2015

We’ve been using MMT since I stumbled upon it when my son was doing Grade 1. He’s now preparing to take Grade 4 and we’re back for more! Must say I’m really impressed with the general tonality and approach to theory on the site it really is very good and much better than most of the printed material I’ve paid for! Music theory can seem very dry and ABRSM’s own theory teaching approach is very prescriptive in comparison to yours. As these exams are predominantly geared for children I think your approach is more fun and easily digested. Last night my son and I watched the ‘writing a rhythm’ video – I feel my son is now really understanding what this is all about. John, 22nd April 2015

Just to say thank you – your composition guide and feedback was the most helpful – I would not have managed this part of the exam without your help that well. I got 13 for the composition task – and I know I got this 13 because of your advice and feedback, I would have been terrible on this task otherwise. Emese, 9th April 2015

I am 70 years old and for the first time in my life I am doing an intensive U3A Music Theory course up to Grade 5. I am also learning to play the violin so the theory helps a lot. I should just like to say how useful I am finding your youtube lessons and information on your website. You explain so very clearly. Many new ideas with which I have been struggling are now becoming clear, thanks to you. With much gratitude and appreciation. Maggie, 30th March 2015

I must say it is really a superb site to prepare for exam. It’s very much constructive, mathematically calculative course design.I have also got some new information in new way.All the topics and step by step arrangement of the topics is very much effective and calculative. I can guess that you are very very good teacher. Sonjoy, 19th March 2015

Hi, I’m a grade three student in Zimbabwe and il be writing an exam next week Wednesday, I wish I’d found out about this site sooner. I’ve learnt so much just this morning and I also enjoyed the learning experience so I’d like to thank you for this!!! Excellent job Victoria Williams. Benjamin, 10th March 2015

We didn’t need any additional teaching we just went through your course, asked you our queries and did past papers. I think you offer a brilliant service, your composition markings were very helpful, and your course is much more useful than the ABRSM workbook, which doesn’t even provide answers. Madeleine, 4th March 2015

I can’t stress how fantastic your website and course is, brilliantly and clearly explaining all the concepts; I can’t recommend it highly enough. Simon, 4th March 2015

I am preparing for the Grade 8 Theory – whilst I am doing the Grade 6 and 7 all by myself. Without your guidance I would not have become successful in Grade 5 Theory where I got a Distinction (95%) in 2013. Thanks Mdm for all your co-operation. Rupam, 26th February 2015

Thank you very much for your time and for your help. The best £60 I’ve spent for some time. Peter, 10th February 2015

Awesome site. Plain simple and to the point. I got 87 in grade 4 and 85 recently in Grade 5!!! All thanks to you.I hope you give one course on grade 8 too!!! Feroz, 11th December 2014

Hi Victoria, thanks once again for your individual & detailed answers to my e-mail. I can’t help but feel that the value for money and the attention to my individual progress on this course is outstanding! Mark, 13th July 2014

You have created a wonderful site. Actually last year I prepared for ABRSM Grade 6 exam mainly using your site, and thanks to you I passed the exam. Miyuki, 14th June 2014

Great Site and Great work. You bring millions of smile to small group of dedicated musicians here in India. No words  to say just wanted to say “The world is such nice place because of such wonderful people like you.” Thank you for such a great source of information on music. Tushar, 16th May 2014

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. Everything about it really. I am a 50-something who just sat G5 sax and is now taking G5 theory before trying for G6 sax. Your site makes what was a rather daunting prospect actually enjoyable! Thank you. Edward, 25th April 2014

Firstly, really loving the look of your new website. It is really easy to use and I really like the video tutorials you’ve started to make. Emilie, 23rd April 2014

Just want to say thank-you! Shanae has taken her AMEB Grade 4 Exam and she scored 10 out of 12 for the harmonization section! Overall she scored 92 out of 100 and she is really thrilled! Leei, 19th April 2014

Thank you so much. I wish I had found you earlier because then maybe I would have been able to get a distinction! I am definitely going for one on Grade 7! Erin, 4th April 2014

Just emailing you to say that i passed my grade 5 theory with 86 marks (merit)! Thank you so much – i couldn’t possibly have done it without you!!! Angus, 2nd April 2014

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all your help with the girl’s compositions. Both of them got a distinction – Amelia got 90, Olivia 93. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It has been invaluable. Angela, 2nd April 2014

Firstly I’d like to thank you for putting a lot of time into producing the theory materials. I have subscribed to your site, purchased and downloaded the courses and worksheets. I think that they will be very useful for my students as I think they are more accessible than the ABRSM books. Also, some of my students complete the questions in the ABRSM workbooks and then may feel that they have not yet grasped the concept and need more exercises. I like your worked examples too, these seem easier to understand than the ABRSM books. Will, 7th March 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few weeks, you have been a huge help. All your helpful tips made the exam a whole lot easier. Matthew, 5th March 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for your website, it helped me to pass my G6 theory exam. I don’t think I would have been able to pass if I just relied on the ABRSM book on G6 Theory, as it really wasn’t helpful. So congrats on a great job – I’m not sure if i would be able to get through G7 and G8 theory, but glad to see you are developing this in case I did think it was worth a shot for me! Fantastic website, thanks so much!!! Robin, 11th December 2013

Just a note to say thank you for all your help with the composition question.  I got 12 marks for it which would have been unthinkable without your assistance.  I’m highly delighted with my result as I only dropped another 2 marks so got 95% and am now looking to book my grade 6 practical. Barbara, 9th December 2013

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful learning resource for the ABRSM theory exams.   I found the lessons very helpful – the AB material does not teach you how to approach questions – and the real-time quizzes and sample exam questions are fun and really useful for revision too.  I’m delighted to have passed my recent Grade 5 Theory exam with Distinction (93%).  This is due in no small part to all your hard work in creating the mymusictheory website.  As a result I was able to maximise valuable time with my teacher on performance whilst also saving money.  I’m looking forward to studying for Grade 6 theory now! With many thanks and best wishes, Rachel, 5th December 2013

Just thought I’d e-mail you to let you know I’ve just found out the results for my Grade 6 Theory … I got a Distinction! (92%). Thank you so much for all the useful help and advice you’ve given in the run up to the exam; I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get the result I did without it. When I started studying Grade 6 Theory, I was very dissapointed with the quality of some of ABRSM’s textbooks, but found your easy to understand course incredibly helpful; it allowed me to understand other textbooks and exercises much better. Harry, 4th December 2013

Thank you for the marking and altogether excellent resources. I am working my way through the Grade 6 stuff now which I now understand since completing your Grade 5 course. Sarah 26th November 2013

What a fantastic site, I have just come across it and the way you explain and illustrate things is wonderfully clear. I am starting to teach myself ready for entering the ‘new’ grade 7 and it looks much more complicated than when I first took it in 1984. (I got 94/99) Mark, 17th October 2013

I was looking for a site that offered a structured and trustworthy way of learning music theory (that is, based on board examination system). I was ecstatic to find your site, with its beautifully laid out material, with practice exercises, from grade 1 onwards! I have so far been through grades one and two (with a mark of 80/90 on the grade one exam!). I hope you keep up the amazing work on the site and I look forward to getting all the way to grade 8 one day! I am so grateful for the free access as it allows me to make some serious strides with my latest effort to get back into music. Many thanks for your creation! Hermant, 30th August 2013

I wanted to say thank you for putting together this amazing website. I took up the piano again after over 30 years and needed to study for my Grade 5 theory exam effectively and efficiently, as I work full time and am a mother of three young children. I found the official reading material opaque and confusing but fortunately discovered your website. I sat my exam after two months of studying using just the lessons on your website and past papers and passed the exam with 95%. Many, many thanks – I am very grateful. Jenny, 12th July 2013

Good news all round – Yusef got 91% – that means you pushed him from a pass to a distinction. Your composition tutoring really gave him that boost he needed. He said that he had found the composition on the paper “easy”! That was all down to your tips. Kareena, 12th July 2013

Just to let you know that Milly got 89 in her Grade 5 theory exam – such an improvement on her initial score in the mock test all those weeks ago. Thank you for your wonderful course. I KNOW she wouldn’t have achieved such a great score without your fabulous system! Rebecca, 11th July 2013

Hello Music Theory, thanks very much for your books and exercises. I bought the complete grade 5 and 6 packages and they are so much better than the other books I’ve read. Lam, 24th May 2013

Hi, I’m a teacher at Canterbury College and I would like to say a massive thank you, since we used your site this year for our BTEC level 3 students of music performance. Our theory grade has increased by 68% over the whole board on the college campus. Thanks for all the work and help! Aaron, 30th April 2013

I am going to refer all my students to work online using your website so hopefully they will learn fast! Nadine, 27th January 2013

This site is incredible, don’t think there are many people here in the states who know what a crotchet or a quaver are! Mo, 23rd January 2013

Thank you so much for your wonderful course! My daughter needed Grade 5 Theory to get into her favourite uni but didn’t even have grade 1. I bought a year’s membership and she worked her way up through all the available material from the start. She aced it with 99% and has received unconditionals to her top uni choices! J, 17th January 2013

Just a little message to say thank you for all your help this year which I continue to be deeply grateful for! Jo, 31st December 2012

After failing his Grade 5 theory twice, I got my son to work from your courses. He passed with 88/100!. To encourage him, I said I will do the exam too (I am 45!); I progressed through your lessons and bought some units / excercises. After only 9 weeks, I sat the exam with my son. I scored 92/100 and got a distinction. I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Thank you so very much. Paul 12th December 2012

Tonight, I found out the exam result for my theory test: a merit of 87 points!  Since I had no particular teacher for learning this, I depended on your website and your help.  I am very surprised that I actually even passed, since I had to learn by myself with only you giving suggestions!  VERY grateful for your help and your website, it was such a pleasure! Jamie, 8th December 2012

I find your materials very detailed and helpful. Thank you for spending time to share these information that can help many. Chee Sook Wan, 24th October 2012

I wanted to let you that I passed my Grade 5 Music Theory last year with thanks to your course. I had purchased every book that I could find on the subject, worked through the ABRSM books up to Grade 3 before I found your site. The reassuring words that one could reach the Grade 5 level from scratch came as a revelation, and you are not wrong. Frankly, having suffered from “paralysis by analysis” using my other approach, your course was a godsend. I would not have passed without your help! Robert, 24th September 2012

Thank you for the wonderful website to help us study for music theory.  We used your site and passed grade 2 with distinction.  It is really the best website and we recommended it to our friends as well. Vivian, 22nd September 2012

Your site is excellent -really clear explanations. I’m a freelance music teacher, running a theory workshop next week and I’ll be recommending you! Kind regards, Janice 27th August 2012

I am absolutely rubbish at music theory, I lately did my grade 5. My teacher is awful and I really had no hope, failing every practice exam I did! Until I found this website, it taught me everything I needed to know and more, it was absolutely fantastic with very good descriptions and exercises to try out! From a 30/100 failed student, I achieved 83/100 thanks to this website, thank you for all the wonderful support 🙂 Eleanor, 20th August 2012

Hey thanks a lot for posting lessons online. Omg ! I forgot that I’ve registered for the exam and its on this Saturday! I was panic and googled every website and found out this one. I thought that I could never find any useful info but to my shock, thus website offers the best information ever! I don’t know bout others but I’m ready for my exam in two days. Omg! Thanks so much. Hannah, 8th August 2012

Antoinette achieved 85% in her ABRSM grade 5 theory exam. Thank you very much for your help with the composition section, it certainly contributed to this excellent mark. Christa, 6th August 2012

Thank you very much, I think I am ready to do the exam! A big thanks goes to your wonderful website, I understand it so much better!  Thanks a lot again! Julia, 24th July 2012

I have got my result of theory exam and got a DISTINCTION with …… 97/100 ! Thanks a lot for your site, it was very helpful for me. All the students have to know how excellent is your site !! Isabelle, 23rd July 2012

I’m pleased to say that my daughter, ten at the time, managed to pass the grade 5 music theory studying by herself using only your material and feedback, some ABRSM test papers and a lot of (non-musical) parental support. She found grades one to four very clear and easy to follow, even studying by herself, especially the huge amount of testing with each new topic, and also thought your marking and comments were really good.

Thanks for your help and best wishes. Mark, 23rd July 2012

I have got my result of theory exam and got a DISTINCTION with …… 97/100! Thanks a lot for your site, it was very helpful for me.Isabelle Chedin from Hong Kong on 21st of July 2012

I wanted to let you know I found out today that I passed the level 5 ABRSM exam “with distinction” (got a 95)!  I couldn’t possibly have done it without the My Music Theory website and your personal tutoring in the Master Composition course.  I’ve already purchased the level 6 lessons and exercises and look forward to starting on those soon.  Thank you again for all your help! (And please consider adding Levels 7 & 8 – I hope to go all the way through!) Charlotte, 21st July 2012

Thanks for the amazing website – for Grade 6 you’ve really filled a niche in the market – your material is by far and away the best out there. Jon, 13th July 2012

Your course is excellent…much easier to follow than the big Ottman or Laitz texts. Lighter to carry and easier on the purse. Dr Murphy, 5th May 2012

Hi, Thanks for your help on Grade 5’s composition.  We just received the abrsm result for grade 5 theory and my daughter scored 78/100 for March’s theory exam! Though not a merit/distinction, I am still proud of her at 5 years old. Sze Ning, 30th April, 2012

Just got the result. I got 96 in Grade 5 music theory exam. A big big thank goes to your site. Keep up the good work! Arun, 17th March 2012

Thanks your site is just what my daughter needs-we are a home educating family. The explanations are very  clear and easy for me to follow as a non musician.I have tried to read several simple theory books which seem to only make sense once you understand it if that doesn’t sound like rubbish. At the same time we have looked at other books but there are no answers for us to check we are getting it right. Maisy,13th March 2012

Just a line to say how invaluable the composition masterclass has been. I took my grade 5 theory today and I think I have done ok but the format for the composition was great as I really didn’t have a clue about this-so thank you again. Mandy; 1st March 2012

Thank you for your wonderfully clear and easy to understand website.  Jane 27th February 2012

Hi, i just wanted to say that i think my music theory is amazing!! My brother used it and he got a great mark on his grade 5 theory a few months ago. I’ve got my grade 5 theory exam coming up and I understand everything so much more now!! Thankyou, keep the good work up! from Madeleine 🙂 19th February 2012

I just want to say what a truly wonderful site is; I wouldn’t have got the Distinction grades I have without this most valuable resource so THANK YOU!  I usually use the AB Guide to Music Theory and the ABRSM theory in practice books for the grades but I have to say the AB guide feels like more of an overview whereas your lessons and exercises really give the more in depth clues and keys to the logic of it all. Just to let you know that your hard work is really, really appreciated. Thanks again and I am eagerly awaiting the next grades. Sally, 8th February 2012

As the year finishes, I just wanted to say thank you again for your site and the resources you provide. Thank you for finishing off the Grade 6 course. I have been following your course with one of my students and found that after studying Part A, exercise one in ABRSM book actually makes sense! You do a great service to folks like us working at schools not in the UK who desperately need help and resources! Keep up the great work. Joanne, 9th December 2011

We found your site by a search for ABRSM theory class. The cost and speed of response are great. The commments and suggestions are very helpful and easy to understand. Your lesson and exercise page (especially lesson pages for music theory) have helped us a lot. The comments and suggestions are of right amount. They are clear and to the point. Overall, this is a great service. I would highly recommend it. I have younger kids and when they are ready I will have them try your site, too! Feng; 16th November 2011

Congratulations on the page. I feel the courses are great. I am a music lover with no knowledge of the ‘theory’ of it. Jorge; 21st Feb 2012

Hi there, I just wanted to tell you that your website is amazing!  It was the sole reason I achieved a distinction in my Grade 5 theory examination.  My piano teacher was only concerned with me passing; I, on the other hand, wanted to achieve the best marks I could.  Your website enabled me to do this. It laid all the required information out in digestible chunks and was very easy to follow.  It made everything so much easier to understand. You should be extremely proud of your website, the guidance it provides, and the extent to which it helps people. Thank you once again. Kindest regards, Priya; 1st November, 2011

Hi there I just wanted to give you feedback on your methodology for the figured bass qn of G6 theory. I’ve followed it for a past paper i sat yesterday and clawed so many marks back, I was only 1 mark off distinction, so THANK YOU! I’m sitting the paper next week and will let you know how I do ! There’s a big void of helpful tutorials for this paper and I think your site really helps. Amy; 25th October 2011

Thank you so much! My theory exam is coming up in a few days, and all thanks to you, I am so much more confident! I learnt so many things that my teacher couldn’t explain! Thank you so much! Rich; 25th October 2011

My Thumbs Up again for all the effort you had taken to create this site, especially for many youngsters reading and filtering information from the original text book of ABRSM Edition is very difficult (even I find it difficult ) but you’ve made it very simple for them. Also the blog site with information on different musical too – Good. Best Wishes! Wishing you a success on your endeavor. Joe; 12th October 2011

Very impressed with the content on the site and what can be downloaded. Thanks for providing this valuable service! Rachel; 7th October 2011

Really pleased to have the melodic composition for grade 6 material now on the website. Once again, it is really well written – in a down to earth, accessible way; so much more so than other material. Bravo. Andrea; 5th October 2011

I still can’t get over what a good job you did. I mean I searched all over the net and this is the ONLY one which is to the point and real classroom material and for a price which is really amazing. You should be proud of yourself. Chaim; 18th September 2011

Thanks ever so much for the fabulous resources you create – you have made my music teaching so much easier, and enabled my Gifted &Talented students to complete grade 5 theory without taking up all their instrumental lesson time. Best wishes Candice; 14th September 2011

Thankyou. I’m going to use your lessons for my pupils from now on as they’re better than the abrsm books – much clearer for younger pupils.Sue; 24th August 2011

Hi there, I sat my Grade 6 Theory yesterday. Although I obviously don’t know the result, I feel quite confident and it’s all thanks to you!! Your lessons are BRILLIANT!!!! The lessons are so clearly well written with points at the end of each chapter, making everything easy to learn and revise. Thank you so much. Kind regards,Tracey; 19th June 2011

I just wanted to say that your online lessons are great and very easy to learn from!! Dan; 25th May 2011

Extremely good value for money, cheaper than a face-to-face teacher, but on top of that there is no time wasted by you sitting while I go through exercises, which is what I have experienced in the past, all the minutes are on the specific things I asked you to look at, and obviously cheaper in the long term because there is not a commitment to a weekly lesson – it is as much as you need.

Great quality, detailed feedback.  Beauty is that with you you have written out the feedback with good detail on specific issues.  If you have face to face lessons, you either listen to these comments and forget them later or jot down some notes, but not half as good as having your notes to consult.

Speed of response – very quick, with the time difference often sent stuff in the evening and had response waiting for me next morning or even got response instantly 🙂  The longest I had to wait was half a day I think.  So basically you can’t get more conveneint.  And also if you have a face to face teacher and you have a question, you have to wait for your lesson to go through it….

I have 2 young kids and a lot of other commitments so I really didn’t have time to have a weekly lesson and only needed a few lessons just to clarify the more complicated stuff, so it is not worth the effort of looking for a teacher and most don’t want to do flexible arrangements.  I did most of my work on this in the evenings when the kids are in bed.  I have played piano and violin for many years on an off so had a reasonable background knowledge to a lot of stuff.  I would say that your online lessons are ideal for adults and older kids who already have a little bit of background in music and can work independently, or for younger kids if the parents have a bit of background in music, or for people that are financially unable to commit to weekly lessons for a few months (it really is great value for money!!). Regards Nicola; 27th February 2011

Thank you very much, Victoria, your website is just wonderful….; Theodora; 15th October 2010

Firstly can I say thank you for your wonderful website. I am a school teacher and have found it invaluable in teaching over the last year, particularly for differentiation. Candice; 9th September 2010

Thanks for the music theory site Victoria it’s great. I have just retired at 62 so spending many hours brushing my theory up. I find your site a pleasure to visit. Thanks. John; 15th July 2010

Hi – thanks for a fab website! saves a LOT of time/money wading through c**** ABRSM books and materials 🙂 I will be recommending this site to ALL my students as well as the local music service. I am an ex head of music now teaching privately so your site (and hard work putting it together) is most welcome. Phil; 2nd July 2010

Victoria, Your site is great – I think it is wonderfull!  I’ve worked through from grade 1 to grade 5 – my exam is in June – and I use your site as additional study – you often put things in an easier to understand sort of way!!! Well done. Cheers, Paul P.S. Mature (44 ?) music student and struggling saxophonist!! 28th April 2010

Thank you for such a wonderful website. I had a Grade 4 exam at college on Thursday and much of study and revision was based around your lessons and exercises from Grade 2 and 5.  I can’t thank you anymore.  All of best, Joanna; 22nd February 2010

Victoria, This is to express my praise to you.  You are really great!  Love you and your work!!  Best Regards, Noelle; 9th February 2010

Just a word of thanks for your wonderful site on music theory.  I don’t play music, but my family does. They insisted I should be able to pick up the theory (I am a mathematician).  So I found your site… Chee; 27th January 2010

My name is Karol and i have been using your web site last year for my first grade piano. I made it for distinction so just wanted to thank you for nice work with your site. 10th January, 2010

Thanks so much for your effort in  putting up your wonderful website. I’m learning Grade IV theory to help my daughter with her Grade IV and V theory (ABRSM syllabus). I was having some trouble with writing 4-bar rhythms so I searched on Google and your site came up. I think the information and suggestions in the Grade I Rhythm section are great. Kind regards, Richard; 19th October 2009

Hi – just letting you know that I just received my Grade 5 theory ABRSM results.  I am absolutely thrilled that I received a Merit with 86% pass.  I certainly would have not even passed if I hadn’t studied your Grade 5 theory course online.  I also downloaded your exam papers for extra help too.  You have inspired me to carry on with my piano lessons/music and I certainly do credit my Merit pass from your course – thanks again, I’m really ecstatic!!! Kind regards, Kim; 8th July 2009

Hi, I am a mother of a nine year old who is studing grade 1 theory and an 8 year old who is about to start. As I have no music experience I have found your site invaluable as I am able to help her and understand her questions. Thankyou so much at last I am able to help when she needs it. We are looking forward to the grade 2 addition hopefully it will be ready when she starts studing for that exam. Many thanks again, for the answer to my previous question and I am sure there will be lots in the near future. Caron; 2nd April 2009