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Ledger Lines

We have met middle C in the both the treble clef

middle C treble clef

and bass clef

middle C bass clef

and found out that the little line that goes through the middle of the note is called a ledger line, and that it makes extra room on the stave for us to use. 

We can add more ledger lines to make more space on the stave. We can add ledger lines to the top of the stave, and to the bottom. 

Let’s add some ledger lines to the top of the staff in the treble clef

treble clef higher ledger lines

The first note we use a ledger line on is the A.

Let’s now add them to the bottom:

treble clef lower ledger lines

To the top of the bass clef:

bass clef higher ledger lines

and to the bottom:

bass clef lower ledger lines

In Grade Two Music Theory (ABRSM and Trinity), you will need to be able to read notes written with up to 2 ledger lines.


Hover your mouse at the stave to reveal the answers. (Tap on mobile devices) 

Note Names

1. What are the names of these notes (treble clef)?

ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 0ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 1ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 2ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 3ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 4ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 5ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 6ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 7ledger-lines-treble-clef 0 8

2. What are the names of these notes (bass clef)?

ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 0ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 1ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 2ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 3ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 4ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 5ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 6ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 7ledger-lines-bass-clef 0 8

Highest and Lowest

3. Name the highest and the lowest note in each of these melodies.

Name the highest and lowest note 1


Name the highest and lowest note 2


Name the highest and lowest note 3