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On this page you can find the grade 2 syllabus information, and links to the free and paid ABRSM Grade 2 Music Theory lessons/courses available on this site.

You will find a large number of free lessons on this website, or get the full ABRSM Grade 2 Music Theory course in your preferred format:

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ABRSM Syllabus (Grade 2)

Grade 2 As in Grade 1, with the addition of:

  • Simple time signatures of and the grouping of notes and rests within these times. Triplets, and triplet note groups with rests.
  • Extension of the stave to include two ledger lines below and above each stave.
  • Relative major and minor keys. Construction of the minor scale (harmonic only). Scales and key signatures of the major keys of B b and E b, and the minor keys of A, E and D, with their tonic triads (root position), degrees (number only), and intervals above the tonic (by number only).
  • More terms and signs in common use.

Read the ABRSM music theory syllabus here.