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Are you looking for a music theory course online? You’ve come to the right place!

MyMusicTheory is here to help you prepare for your music theory exams with online lessons.

Lessons on this site are specially designed for:

ABRSM and Trinity music theory exam candidates (grades 1-8, plus AmusTCL)

The lessons are also suitable for:

○ Anybody learning to read music, compose or analyse music

○ GCSE music and A level music candidates

○ College entrance preparation students (e.g. AP Music Theory)

○ AMEB candidates

abrsm music theory course online
Trinity College London course online

Learn music theory online from the comfort of your own home! offers online training for ALL ABRSM and Trinity music theory graded exams. Learn using free lessons on the website, or sign up to a video course, or purchase a PDF or printed book – all options available!

The UK graded music system divides up skills/ability into 8 grades. These take a student from beginner level, to the level of university entrance. Students starting a music degree in the UK are usually expected to be at grade 8 minimum in their instrument and at least grade 5 in music theory.

Beyond grade 8, music exams can be taken at diploma level – there are 2 levels post grade 8, roughly equivalent to undergraduate 1st year and Bachelors degrees.

Exams are open to everybody regardless of age.

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► See the ABRSM and Trinity music theory exam dates and fees here.

► Join the MyMusicTheory mailing list for updates, discounts and more! was established in 2007. It’s written by:

Victoria Williams AmusTCL LmusTCL BA(Hons) Music MISM

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Victoria Williams

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Used your online classes big time to help me pass Grade 5 ABRSM Theory with a 92% and distinction. I must have done your grade 5 tests ten times beforehand! I sincerely appreciate all you do for aspiring music students. See you for Grade 6 and beyond!!!! Ray, July 2021

Just wanted to let you know that my certificate for completion of the AMusTCL has come through! I’m very happy with the result. I used your online resources and previous markings of my work as my primary mode of study and your knowledge, comments and willingness to help me over email are almost certainly the reason I succeeded in this exam. I wanted to pass on my genuine thanks for all you’ve done to help me, both directly and indirectly. Jamie, January 2023