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Working out intervals in the alto clef can be awkward if you don’t read the clef fluently. If you are not fast at working in alto clef, it’s usually better to work everything out in the treble clef first. Make sure you have some scrap paper to hand before you start your exam.

Here are some examples.

Write the note a minor 6th higher than this note.

write the note a minor 6th higher

This note is F#. Put an F# onto a treble clef stave. Work out the note a minor 6th higher – that’s D natural.

write on a treble clef stave

Put in the D natural on the alto clef stave.

on the alto clef stave

Here is a different question.

Name this interval.

name this interval

The notes are A and Eb. Put them into the treble clef, and work out the scale of A major.

write out the A major scale

The interval A to E natural is a perfect 5th because it’s in the A major scale. A-Eb is one semitone narrower, so it must be a diminished 5th.