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New PDFs, Video Courses and Books from MyMusicTheory

During the summer/autumn of 2023 I have revamped all the existing ABRSM PDFs and video courses, as well as the lessons that are freely available on the website.

The changes incorporate corrections to typos or other errors, additional material (particularly tests and extra exercises at grades 6-8) and a re-structuring of some lessons.

If you have previously purchased a video course or PDF you are welcome to download/enrol in the new version for no fee. Please get in touch!

Here is a little more info about what has changed in the MyMusicTheory materials with each grade.

Please see PDFs and Video Courses for links to purchase.

PDFs and Video Courses

ABRSM Grades 1-4

A general tidy up of the pages, exercises, test and answers. Removal of material which is no longer tested but which remained as an “annex” after the last syllabus changes (i.e, composition, several musical theory terms, melodic minor scales at grade 2), a rewriting of some lessons to make them clearer.

ABRSM Grade 5

The previous course was mostly designed for those going straight in at grade 5. With larger numbers of people now studying the earlier grades too, the course has now been split into two – a regular course for those who are coming from grade 4, and a “crash course” for those with no previous theory study. As with grades 1-4, the lessons have been tidied and improved with several additional exercises in the format of the online multiple-choice exam.

ABRSM Grade 6

A fundamental change to grade 6 has been to re-order the lessons, with many additional harmony lessons also now added. The current ABRSM grade 5 exam does not prepare candidates for grade 6 as well as the old (pre-2018) syllabus used to – candidates now have no previous knowledge of composition skills and very little exposure in the way of harmony, SATB or figured bass. Because of this, I have changed the focus of this course completely.

The course now covers all the required harmony and composition knowledge before tackling any of the exam style questions. In addition, the lessons have been heavily rewritten to accommodate the knowledge of a typical student now coming from grade 5. There are many additional harmony and composition exercises too. The overall length of the course has worked out to be pretty much the same length as the old course, so should not take any longer to do – it is just the focus that has changed.

Grade 6 should be much less daunting with the new improved materials.

ABRSM Grades 7 and 8

Some lessons have been rewritten and improved based on feedback from students. A complete practice test has been added for each grade. Better methods for completing Q1 and Q2 have been included. As with grade 6, there is now a stronger focus on learning the required harmony (and other) knowledge, before attempting to use that knowledge to tackle questions.


At present the printed books contain the old versions of the courses. All the books are being updated and new versions will be available to purchase in the next few weeks. Trinity course books will also be available.

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